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Mignify, the e-commerce eye

The e-commerce is the fastest growing distribution channel and a wonderful business lever for every brand. MIGNIFY helps you develop this sales channel and manage visibility of your brand.

Who sell my products ?

Who sell my brand ?

Find all the e-commerce websites which sell your products in the country of choice in one clic ! Mignify daily scan thousands of french and european e-commerce websites.

You can sort them by Traffic rank, organize your todo-list and annotate them.

Where should I sell my products ?

Where should I sell my products ?

Discover your competitor's favorite resellers. Strengthen your e-commerce market share, increase your online visibility and conquer new sales channels !

Just search for the online presence of your competing brands to identify essential e-commerce websites to reach your target market.

Manage my distributors

Identify your potential business partners !

The monthly traffic index and the notation system Mignify will help you prioritize your actions.

Special feature : export the results of your request to work directly on the file.


Did you know ?

  • In France, The online purchase continues to gain new customers and to develop itself.

  • Some facts:
  • 35,5 millions buyers on the Internet, or 1 French web user in 4.
  • According to Fevad, 64.9 billion euros were spent on the Internet in 2015 (+14%)."
  • 1780 € were spent by French on the Internet in 2015. (+ 8%).
  • +10% annual growth expected in 2016.
  • 182 000 french e-commerce websites.

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